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Access to clean water and proper sanitation is a fundamental human right. Purity Water and Sanitation was established with the aim of providing access to water and sanitation to a large number of individuals. We recognize the significance of a well-organized and intricately designed water, rainwater, and wastewater management system. Our organization creates and implements projects to extract, treat, and manage water and wastewater. Our solutions utilize state-of-the-art technologies whenever possible, but we also simplify our solutions in situations where advanced technology is not feasible, while maintaining the efficacy of our water and wastewater quality results.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals aimed at creating a sustainable future for all. One of these goals, SDG 6, is focused on ensuring access to clean water and sanitation for everyone. This goal is crucial for reducing poverty, improving health, and protecting the environment. At Purity Water and Sanitation, we are committed to supporting SDG 6 and its objectives. Our approach is in alignment with the UN's SDG 6, as we strive to make a positive impact on the world by helping to provide clean water and sanitation to those in need.










Hi, I'm Arueli. Founder of Purity Water and Sanitation




My interest in water issues started in college when I enrolled in hydrogeology and water resources management. After graduating, I was accepted on a four-year competitive career development program within a big gold mining company, that takes new graduates across the globe to different mine sites. I first started in 2012, working locally in Brazil coordinating projects with different portfolios. In 2014, I worked in Mauritania in the Sahara and installed transducers, pumps and sounding tubes in water wells that transported brackish water to the mine. I worked with communities to maintain the integrity of the nearby fresh aquifer from which the communities obtained their water. The experience in the desert opened my eyes to global water scarcity when I witnessed how they survived under such harsh conditions.

In 2015, I moved to Alaska where I participated in different water projects, such as well cleaning and aquifer tests, and managed a $1.1M drilling project of 7 monitoring wells.  I was the project manager who defined the scope of work, well construction, drilling method, as well as the supervision of work and managing the budget. The project was a success, and I was able to finish it below budget. I am extremely proud of this achievement, since it was the first time in my career to manage a high-profile project. I was able to put my knowledge in drilling, groundwater management and project management into practice, and in turn, I also greatly expanded my knowledge in these areas.


In 2017, I completed the Generation Gold Program. It was important to me to finish this commitment, as it was the gateway to discovering my calling to become a water engineer through the experiences in Mauritania and Alaska. Late 2018 I started a master’s in Water Engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, the master’s Program was partially in Egypt and in Germany.  My thesis focused on sludge treatment from SBR in small scale, as a case study. The research included energy consumption from SBR, ideal oxygen input, sludge stabilization, sludge treatment and sludge drying methods, energy, costs for installation of the new system, legislation for sludge treatment and disposal in Brazil, further use of the dried sludge, market potential, probability of realization and acceptance.  

After finalizing the masters, I worked as a project engineer for a German consulting company in 2022. I worked with a sanitation and stormwater project in Mozambique, where I did the sewerage system design, condominium sewer, hydraulic calculations, storm water drainage system design and hydraulic calculations, and assisted in the Wastewater treatment plant design. Although the work was supposedly my dream job, the work environment was not the type of the environment I saw myself in and both parties decided to terminate the contract.

Now, I see that the work experience in Germany was the last step for me to be brave to start my own business, a calling that has been happening for a while and I finally stepped in and took the actions towards this vision that I have, which is to help as many people as possible to have access to clean water and sanitation.

One of my life’s driving beliefs is the right for every person to have access to clean water. I want to educate people on how to use and manage their available local water to promote awareness and make it last for future generations. Purity Water and Sanitation was created with the intention to perform this work in the water and sanitation field, and I envision a business model that genuinely puts communities and their well-being first.

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